Wednesday, 6 January 2016

E Ink Whiteboards works like a Charm whilst offering most advanced features for learning

E Ink Whiteboards are the new type of white boards offering better & stainfree learning

Officially develop in the 1970s the E Ink is now back & looks favorable to replace the whiteboards. Researches operating within the University of Tokyo were recently reported to have been involved in the development of a new & more efficiently erasable whiteboard through utilization of E Ink. In other words a technology that can offer

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Feel Free to Get your Vandalism Fixed by using Dry Erase Markers in a Can

Are you tired of using vintage board markers which although are great for usage but may require additional efforts in terms of expressing your feelings through creativity. Do you have to itch to try something unique such as vandalism but are afraid to break the laws. Well worry not because a new way to express your feeling is not just mare a myth.

If you are an honest citizen & are afraid to break the laws well we have a solution to get your